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ID Maker is not authorized or affiliated with any government entity non of the id card are generated by id card maker and are not officially valid or subject to government verification. We don't charge anything for telling you about our website. Please be aware from fraudsters. We are not responsible for any of your money-lose.

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You can add any amount range from ₹20 to ₹500. via any payment method such as UPI, Debit card, credit card etc.

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You have a full overview and control of IDs maker Select the IDs you want to make and follow the instructions

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You can instantly download the IDs without any hassel Ids will be avaliable in .PNG format

Our product and services.

We process your aadhar card and vaccine certificate and convert them in better resolution with latest format and make them compatible with PVC card printing, We reduce the shop owners time from 15 min to 5 seconds. Currently we support aadhar and vaccine soon we will have more cards in the list.


Questions and answers about ID Maker.

How long does it take to make aadhar/vaccine card?

We take less than 5 seconds to process your id.

Do ID maker save IDs locally?

NO, we care about users privacy, Processing/processed id stored in memory and as the request ends it get flushed out of the memory. Never never play with users trust. for more, you can read Privacy & Terms & RnC

What if my payment failed?

We are just email away from you, email us and we will resolve it at utmost priority.

How to contact?

You can email us or +91-89897 94676 (12PM - 6PM) we will respond within 48hrs, or join our telegram support group link or join our whatsapp support group link Official Address: Bihari ji road, Datia MP 475661